AceWiki is a semantic wiki that is powerful and at the same time easy to use. Making use of the controlled natural language ACE, the formal statements of the wiki are shown in a way that looks like natural English. In order to help the users to write correct ACE sentences, AceWiki provides a predictive editor.


The core interfaces of the internal structure have been redesigned in order to support multilinguality: an experimental multilingual AceWiki engine is available (still very incomplete and buggy). AceWiki applications can now be split into backends and frontends: multiple frontends can connect to the same backend, i.e. to the same ontology. A change with practical importance is that jpl.jar (Java binding for SWI Prolog) is no longer part of the AceWiki package, but has to be linked dynamically. Apart from that, there are many more minor bugfixes and improvements.

URL: AceWiki