Z1 SecureMail Messenger is a server-based software solution for confidential email exchange. It enables secure communication to everyone at every place. It acts as an SMTP proxy and is completely transparent for the sender. It either delivers the message as an encrypted PDF document or stores the message on the server and provides comfortable access via Web frontend. The recpient can read the secured message with familiar software (Web browser, PDF reader). No PKI technology or certificates are required. Evaluation packages for Debian and Solaris are available for download.


This release comes with a new PDF module with improved support for HTML mails. Layout (CSS) and inline images will be preserved when MIME messages are converted to PDF, making it easier to provide a professional appearance. Users can now select their preferred delivery type, e.g. WebSafe or KickMail PDF. Formerly, this could only be decided by the admin. A Daily Status Email will inform the administrator about the current system state.

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