LabKey Server is open source software that helps scientists manage, analyze, and share complex datasets. It supports tandem mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, assays for neutralizing antibodies, Luminex, observational studies, and secure, Web-based collaboration. The software is modular, configurable, and customizable. It can be installed in your institution on any modern hardware and operating system. It is designed to integrate with your existing systems, instruments, and work flows, and to be readily adapted by skilled programmers to novel methods of inquiry. The project is under active development by a team of professional software engineers and a community of active contributors. New versions are released about four times per year.


Improved data management: create ancillary studies from subsets of existing data; a customizable tabbed user interface; and easily create participant cohorts. Advanced data visualization: see summaries of your data in the new data browser; aggregate trends using the timechart designer; and ensure high-quality Luminex data with new graphical quality controls. Improved data security: create sophisticated security policies using groups; manage complex security relationships graphically; and test security settings with impersonation of groups in addition to individual users.