Open Transactions is a solid, easy-to-use, financial crypto and digital cash library, including an API, server, and test client. It features anonymous numbered accounts, untraceable digital cash, triple-signed receipts, basket currencies, and signed XML contracts. It also supports cheques, invoices, payment plans, markets with trades, and other instruments. It uses OpenSSL and Lucre blinded tokens.


This release adds a config option for blocking sockets and post-send delays. It adds a processNymbox API call. It removes auto-firing of new server requests in OTClient::ProcessServerReply(). It adds a config option for minimum market scale. Forced market scale to be 1, or a power of 10. Var_Long has been changed to Var_Int (smartcontracts). Nyms can no longer sign out more than X trans numbers. Total assets are no longer being multiplied by scale in the client API. A disappearing nym bug has been fixed. Nym will never accept a lower trans # than one it has received before. "tentative trans#" has been added (prevents sync issues).