Aejaks is a windowing toolkit for rapid development of AJAX-enabled Web applications. It combines the powerful simplicity of the Tcl language with the Java-based Echo2 browser-independent windowing system. Aejaks applications are written in a single scripting language, without need to write any HTML, Javascript, or CSS. It borrows from the Tk windowing system, but is not directly compatible with Tk. It runs on top of any Java Web server, and can make use of any existing Java library.


This release replaces the Jacl interpreter with JTcl, an updated verson of Tcl for Java. JTcl implements nearly all Tcl 8.4 features. Community-supported versions of Echo2 and related libraries are included, which fixes compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 9. Also fixed in this release is the updateOptimistic method in the MrPersister package. Window object (".") now has a getClientProperties method. The H2 database has been upgraded to a recent version (see the CHANGES file for upgrade information).

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