Cura is a mobile phone application based on the Android platform. It is a bundle of remote systems administration tools targeted mainly at sysadmins. When in the hands of a sysadmin, Cura will provide a personal terminal emulator with full Bash (bourne-again shell) capabilities. It puts ready-made commands a button away (ssh, top, uname, uptime, cat /proc/cpuinfo, dmidecode, etc.). It gives you access to the most powerful port/vulnerability-scanning and penetration-testing tools (Nessus, Nmap, and Wireshark). It has machine log-monitoring featuring Geo-location and log-to-SMS subscription capabilities. It provides personal communication/sharing space between colleagues.


This is the very first release, and it's still premature. Only the login screen has been implemented code-wise; the rest is just available as a layout.