Nuxeo Platform provides a framework and set of components to address document management and collaboration needs, including metadata/taxonomies, versioning, lifecyle management, workflow, relations, searching, reporting, transformation, auditing, and retention. Its flexible extension system, based on OSGi, allows developers to quickly configure and extend the platform by creating new components. Its default Web user interface, based on the JSF standard, uses AJAX to create a pleasant user experience. It can also be accessed by a rich client interface through the use of Web services, for instance using the Eclipse-based Nuxeo RCP rich client platform.


This major release removes the EJB3 layer, adds a Native Relation Store to replace Jena, starts to replace jBPM tasks with document-based tasks, extracts the CSS from the theme engine, improves VCS performance, and adds new widget ant layout features. It's now possible to deploy Nuxeo as a plain WAR static archive. The authors provide official support for OpenJDK6 and have started working on OpenJDK7. This new version is also fully compatible with Nuxeo IDE.

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