Open Transactions is a solid, easy-to-use, financial crypto and digital cash library, including an API, server, and test client. It features anonymous numbered accounts, untraceable digital cash, triple-signed receipts, basket currencies, and signed XML contracts. It also supports cheques, invoices, payment plans, markets with trades, and other instruments. It uses OpenSSL and Lucre blinded tokens.


Smart contracts: users can now design and activate their own financial instruments, using scripted clauses, callbacks, and hooks. OT can now be configured (or not) to require USAGE CREDITS, making it possible for server operators to earn transaction fees. (Privileged API functions were added for viewing and setting these usage credits.) Client side scripting (see the Open-Transactions/scripts folder): the entire OT API is now available for use inside the client- side scripts. Just put this at the top of any new OTscript files: #!/usr/local/bin/ot --scrip.