Z1 SecureMail Gateway is a central, server-based software solution that provides encryption and digital signatures (PGP and S/MIME) for the entire email traffic of an organization. It works with organizational certificates and certificates for individual users, groups, or organizational units. It provides its services transparently to end users. Z1 SecureMail Gateway automatically finds certificates of external users or companies via Internet. Secure email traffic to customers, suppliers, and partners is easily established. Evaluation packages for Debian and Solaris are available for download.


The Z1 Admin Webclient Entity Management was revised. Handling and searching for User-, Domain-, and Group-Entities were improved. The mail "Statistics" page was revised. Support was added to send a daily, weekly, or yearly statistic report as a PDF and CSV file to a specified email address. License management was improved. It is now possible to assign alias addresses to existing licensed clients. The "x-header" processing mode was added, in which messages are processed by a specific mandator according to a message "x-header". An Outgoing PKCS#7 attachment signature was added, which allows signing of specific attachments.

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