OpenSearchServer is a stable, high-performance search engine and a suite of high-powered full text search algorithms. Documents can be indexed in sixteen languages. Multi-lingual analyzers slice sentences into words, then run lemmatisation algorithms on words based on the document's language. Numerous document formats are supported, such as XML, HTML/XHTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint, RTF, OpenOffice, plain text, MP3/4, Ogg, FLAC, etc. The Web interface, built around the Zkoss framework, provides an easy way to manage OSS. The integration is fast using the PHP client or the API (XML over HTTP). The crawlers of OpenSearchServer go through Web sites, file systems, and databases to rapidly and easily build your index.


This release has several improvements and bugfixes. One of the more interesting new features is the availability of an OpenSearchServer Drupal module. There are some interesting API improvements for file and Web crawling, as well as in the scheduler (with more information provided) and in the parser (with editable parameters). 2 very nice features have been added: a sitemap generator and the ability to export the search result of any query into a CSV file for further analysis. Last but not least, comprehensive online documentation has been released.

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