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    Default JFreeChart 1.0.14

    JFreeChart is a chart library for the Java platform that supports a wide range of charts including pie charts (2D and 3D), bar charts (horizontal and vertical, regular or stacked, with optional 3D-effects), line charts, XY plots, scatter plots, time series charts, high/low/open/close charts, candlestick plots, Gantt charts, Pareto charts, combination charts, and more. It is suitable for use in applications, applets, servlets, and JSP.


    This release contains support for multiple and logarithmic axes with PolarPlot, optional drop-shadows in plot rendering, fitting polynomial functions to a data series, some performance improvements in the TimeSeriesCollection class, mouse wheel rotation of pie charts, improved Maven support, and numerous bugfixes.

    URL: JFreeChart

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    Default Re: JFreeChart 1.0.14

    Please can you tell me where is Dynamic Data file is located in jfreechart-1.0.14 unziped folder. Not able to find it.
    how can i compile Dynamic Data file separately in my local so as to just modify according to my needs.
    Please reply asap.

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