The MQ File Mover application is a software package designed to move files using WebSphere MQ (aka MQSeries). MQFM processes “Action” commands, which are controlled through an MQFM Workflow XML file. The user combines a series of Action commands to create the MQFM Workflow XML file.


This release adds support for unlimited file size for Send, Receive, and Watch Actions. It adds support for sending the file to a single queue or to multiple queues (at the same time) and for Send and Watch Actions. It enhances Send and Watch Actions to have the ability to encrypt a message with AES 128, 192, or 256-bit. It enhances Receive Action to have the ability to decrypt a message with AES 128, 192, or 256-bit. It adds the following new Actions: DecryptFile, EncryptFile, If/Else, Launch, Merge, MergeSort, ReplaceText, Schedule, SendEmail, Sleep, Sort, Touch, Tar, UnTar, Unzip, and Zip.

URL: Capitalware's MQ File Mover Overview Page