Fanurio is a time tracking and billing application designed to help freelancers manage their work and be paid for it. You can organize your work per client using projects, mark invoices as paid and track the overdue ones, mark your work as billable (flat rate, hourly rate) or non-billable, create partial invoices at any time during the project, create invoices for single or multiple projects, customize invoice templates using your own layouts, import clients from other applications by means of a CSV file, export data to a CSV or Excel file, and create backup copies of your data.


This release fixes small bugs, mostly related to the latest versions of Ubuntu (11.10) and Mac OS X (10.7). Tax groups are sorted by name in the New Invoice dialog. The default tax group is now the first one lexicographically. Fanurio didn't delete older backup copies as documented in the manual. Time rounding didn't work for new category-based service items. The user interface for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion has been fixed. Some dialogs occupy the whole screen when running Fanurio using Open JDK on Linux. The application icon is no longer blurry in Ubuntu's Unity launcher.

URL: Fanurio - Time tracking software for freelancers