Piggydb is a Web notebook application that provides you with a platform to build your knowledge personally or collaboratively. With Piggydb, you can create highly structural knowledge by connecting knowledge fragments to each other to build a network structure, which is more flexible and expressive than a tree structure. Fragments can also be classified with hierarchical tags. Piggydb does not aim to be an input-and-search database application. It aims to be a platform that encourages you to organize your knowledge continuously to discover new ideas or concepts, and moreover enrich your creativity.


This release adds Two-way Relationship Creation and Display, which allows you to create a two-way relationship in one action (you can select one-way or two-way) and view this kind of relationship in a clean or concise display. The user-related actions in the main menu have been moved to the pull-down menu at the login user name. The tag cloud has been updated to exclude system tags which start with "#".

URL: Piggydb