The CloverETL Profiler, software for data profiling, works to examine data in existing data sources and collect statistical information about said data. Through this process, the profiler eliminates the guesswork in analysis, revealing an understanding of what data actually exists and what needs to be improved. Part of the CloverETL Data Integration family, the Profiler is an added tool to the enhanced toolset. Whether employed as a standalone job or part of a greater project, the CloverETL Profiler, as named, operates with the same Engine as CloverETL, offering high performance, speed, and easy deployment in a data environment.


This is a beta version of the first release. Community members are welcome to participate in the beta testing program to help improve functionality and usability. The beta download is available upon registering as a beta tester on the project's website.

URL: CloverETL Profiler beta - Data Profiling Tool for Better Data Quality