The Big Faceless Report Generator is a Java application for converting source documents written in XML to PDF. Built on top of the Big Faceless PDF & Graph Libraries, the Report Generator combines these features and wraps an XML parser around them. Using JSP, ASP, XSL, or similar, creating dynamic PDF documents directly from a database is now as easy as HTML.


This release adds <pdfset> as an optional outer tag, to combine multiple smaller PDFs into one. It adds Xinclude support, to include XML from external sources into the source. Graphs from version 2 of the Graph Library can now be embedded directly into the Report Generator using the Graph tag library syntax. The Graph Library must still be licensed separately. This release adds "pre-line" as a valid value for the "whitespace" attribute. It adds the ability to embed flash objects via an <object> tag, exactly as for HTML.

URL: PDF Reporting software - Java Report Generator by BFO