The MetaModel is a project created for maximum reuse of a SQL-compliant domain model of the database domain. The MetaModel is a model that contains classes that represent the structure of a database (schemas, tables, column, relationships) and interaction with the database (queries) in a SQL/LINQ-like way. In short, it is a model for modelling data in databases and other datastores. With MetaModel you can query different datastores like databases, CSV files, Excel spreadsheets, MS Access files, and XML files using the same approach and the same domain model.


The Excel adapter now uses the new Streaming API in Apache POI, which means that support for very large Excel spreadsheets is much better. A bug was fixed that caused CSV writing to not respect the separator and quote character defined for the file format. Performance was improved in query postprocessing by applying sub-selections just-in-time instead of ahead of time. An experimental adapter has been added for MongoDB databases. The adapter supports querying MongoDB using the well known MetaModel query API.

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