StreamCruncher is an event processor. It supports a language based on SQL that allows you to define "event processing" constructs like sliding windows, time-based windows, partitions, and aggregates. Such constructs allow for the specification of boundaries (some are time sensitive) on a stream of events that SQL does not provide. Queries can be written using this language, which in turn can be used to monitor streams of incoming events. It also provides a feature similar to materialized views. Joins and sub-queries are also supported to allow event co-relation. A database is used underneath to do the heavy lifting. Pattern matching or multi-stream correlation are also possible.


This release comes with a new feature/syntax to perform efficient Self-Joins over Streams. Self-Joins are useful when the Events in a Window have to be scanned or matched against Events from the same or other Windows defined as part of the same Partition clause. The TestCase demonstrates the use of this new syntax. More details are available in the "StreamCruncher Basics" documentation.

URL: StreamCruncher - Event Processor