Mireka is a mail server with SMTP, Mail Submission, and POP3 services. It can also be used as an SMTP proxy. As a proxy, it can help to prevent or diagnose mail problems, like outgoing backscatter spam. It provides detailed logging, basic mail traffic statistics, tarpit to prevent email harvesting, and loop detection. It can filter email by DNSBL, SPF, mail size, local domains, and recipients list. Local recipients can be specified using regular expressions. TLS is supported for incoming connections. Aliases, forward lists, and very simple mailing lists can be configured in XML. Custom filters and other components can be written in Java, and they can be easily implemented and installed.


Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) was implemented for SPF-compatible forwarding. Mireka can be configured to send "delayed" DSN reports on temporary failures.

URL: mireka - Mail server and SMTP proxy with detailed logging, statistics and built-in, fail-fast filters - Google Project Hosting