Open Blue Lab is a modular ERP, built on a plugin architecture. Each business domain (such as Groupware, Financial, HCM, PLM, or SCM) is separated into subdomains which are implemented through plugins. This architecture permits you to choose only the components that suit your needs. Each plugin is certified Zero Code, configurable through a GUI, and may be adapted through the UML models provided.


AndroMDA now takes into account one to many associations, many to many associations, generalization, aggregation and composition. The stereotype Entity in UI was modified. Java beans generation was changed by adding methods which cocoon needs in several cases. Hibernate default configuration was changed to fit to OpenBlueLab needs. In OpenBlueLab, Hibernate was integrated into the crud-engine, XSL stylesheets are used to change an XML binding into an object binding, and a Java class was added to handle Hibernate factory.

URL: OpenBlueLab - ERP open source