QuickBuild is a continuous integration and release management server, acting as the central place to produce, test, deploy, and release software builds. It is designed to guard the health of your project by preventing broken builds, and to improve your build delivery process by pushing builds through a customizable pipeline (for example, dev->QA->release) with related information connected such as resolved issues and relevant SCM changes.


A customizable dashboard was provided for users and groups to organize build information via gadgets. Report aggregation provides a build metrics summary of descendant configurations. Resource management was implemented for better control of build distribution and agent load. A grid partition divides grid nodes between different configuration trees. User activity auditing was added for tracking and reviewing every modification to the system. CollabNet TeamForge, Redmine, Google Repo, and Boost tests were integrated. The report system was redesigned for improved user experience and performance.

URL: PMEase - Continuous integration and deployment solution!