JChart2D is a Swing widget for precise runtime visualization of numerical tuples in an x-y plot. It is easy to use and is designed for runtime display. Unlike other charting tools that cover all kinds of views (pie, bar, etc.), it just creates precise x-y plots. It is thread-safe: many different threads in an application may each add data to plot. A single chart may contain multiple different traces. It also features automatic scaling, choice of unit, viewports (zooming), output to images (PNG, JPEG, and EPS), logarithmic axis, and custom rendering of datapoints (lines, dots, discs, and filled polygons).


Dynamic charts with highlighting now clear highlighted points. Removing traces now works correctly again. Stacked vertical charts now align again. Logarithmic axes now have correct labels. Test sources are now contained in the source download. Axis now has a pluggable scale policy, allowing you to have your custom scale. A new scale policy allows you to define the labels on the scale manually.

URL: JChart2D, precise visualization of data.