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    Default Public API for Custom XML Parts & Custom Parts, Graphics Rendering

    What's New in this Release?

    The long awaited version of Aspose.Words for .NET & Java (10.4.0) has been released. In this release users can now programmatically access, create, extract or delete Custom XML Parts using Aspose.Words. The following public members were added to Aspose.Words:

    • Document.CustomXmlParts – this property is your starting point to access Custom XML Data inside a document.
    • class CustomXmlPart
    • class CustomXmlPartCollection
    • class CustomXmlSchemaCollection

    In this release while implementing support for Custom XML Parts in Aspose.Words we decided to implement support for Custom Parts too. Aspose.Words supports Custom Parts in the following ways:

    • Custom Parts that are related to the OOXML package itself are supported only. Custom parts that are related to other parts are ignored.
    • Aspose.Words preserves Custom Parts during DOCX open/save.
    • Public members Document.PackageCustomParts, CustomPart, CustomPartCollection allow to access, create, extract and delete custom parts.

    Moreover we are happy to announce that a Unified Load and Save Warnings API is now becoming available in Aspose.Words. In Aspose.Words 10.4 we’ve added the following public members:

    • LoadOptions.WarningCallback property
    • SaveOptions.WarningCallback property
    • IWarningCallback interface
    • WarningInfo class
    • WarningType enum

    Our Development team was also busy working on finalizing the “rendering to graphics” feature in Aspose.Words for Java. This feature is now more complete. Here is what’s new in Aspose.Words for Java 10.4

    • ShapeBase.getShapeRenderer, DrawingML.getShapeRenderer methods and the ShapeRenderer class to export individual shapes as images.
    • Document.renderToScale, Document.renderToSize, ShapeRenderer.renderToScale, ShapeRenderer.renderToSize methods to easily create images or thumbnails of a desired size.
    • SaveFormat.TIFF is now available and can be used in Document.saveto convert document pages into TIFF images, including multiframe TIFF. The compression can be specified using ImageSaveOptions.setTiffCompression, but due to JAI limitations color images can only be saved in the uncompressed mode, switching compression on will produce 1bpp output.
    • Fidelity improvements in line, arrows, brushes, gradients and text rendering to Graphics and images.

    This regular monthly release delivers 110 new features and fixes. The list of some of the important new and improved features in this release are listed below

    • Embedded fonts from DOCX documents are used when rendering to graphics.
    • Saving documents to multipage TIFF is supported.
    • Rendering of individual shapes into images is supported.
    • Custom XML Parts and Custom Parts are available in the public API.
    • Improvements and fixes in the field update engine.
    • Improvements in document conversions and rendering.
    • Enhancements in the documentation and sample code.

    Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release

    Newly added documentation pages and articles

    Some new tips and articles have now been added into Aspose.Words for .NET documentation that may guide you briefly how to use Aspose.Words for performing different tasks like the followings.

    - How-to: Change Page Setup for Whole Document?: How-to: Change Page Setup for Whole Document - Aspose.Words for .NET

    - How-to: Save Document as a Multipage TIFF?: How-to: Save Document as a Multipage TIFF - Aspose.Words for .NET

    Overview: Aspose.Words for .NET

    Aspose.Words is a word processing component that enables Java & .NET applications to read, write and modify Word documents without using Microsoft Word. Other useful features include document creation, content and formatting manipulation, mail merge abilities, reporting features, TOC updated/rebuilt, Embedded OOXML, Footnotes rendering and support of DOCX, DOC, WordprocessingML, HTML, XHTML, TXT and PDF formats (requires Aspose.Pdf). It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. You can even use Aspose.Words to build applications with Mono.

    More about Aspose.Words for .NET

    - Homepage of Aspose.Words for .NET: Word Processing Component - DOCX DOC RTF WordML HTML TXT ODT EPUB

    - Homepage of Aspose.Words for Java: Java Library for Word Documents Processing, Converting & Reporting

    - Download Aspose.Words for .NET: Aspose.Words for .NET - .NET Components - Files

    - Download Aspose.Words for Java: Aspose.Words for Java - Java Components - Files

    - Online Demos for Aspose.Words : Aspose.Words Demos - .NET Components Demos

    - Online documentation of Aspose.Words : Aspose.Words for .NET - Documentation

    - Post your technical questions/queries to Aspose.Words Forum:

    - Receive notifications about latest news and supported features by subscribing to Aspose.Words blog: Aspose.Words Product Family | Blogs -

    Contact Information
    Aspose Pty Ltd
    Suite 163, 79 Longueville Road
    Lane Cove, NSW, 2066
    File Format Components for .NET Java SSRS SharePoint JasperReports
    Phone: 888.277.6734
    Fax: 866.810.9465l
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