EJOE is a lightweight Java remoting framework built to send and receive objects through pluggable (de)serialization mechanisms. It offers a high-performance, simple, and clean object request broker (whereby ORB is meant in its natural manner and not in its relation with CORBA), with server and client components for your client/server applications. It's a highly scalable implementation of the common request-process-response pattern based on Java NIO. It does support optional remote class loading to avoid redundant classpath entries, but doesn't require stubs and/or proxy objects.


There are many bugfixes, and many new features were added. Remote reflection, different serialization strategies, support for the concurrency package of Java 5, Crispy and WSIF extensions, partial HTTP support, and support for interprocess communication within the same Java virtual machine are the most important improvements. It is considered stable and ready for use in production environments.

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