A new Java-like scripting language as been released. Versus Groovy, its main purpose is to offer Java programmers a means to create regular expressions that are more readable and offer as much or more problem solveability than Perl regexes.

Thus, while the basic grammar of P~ is more Java-like than even Groovy's, its regular expression syntax is algebraic and not metacharacter based. In addition, P~ (ptilde) introduces several novel regex forms that aid in solving tough matching and transformation problems easily. The most significant of these are (1) the DoPattern, which allows integration of arbitrary statements as side-effects into your regex, (2) the subjunctive, which allows for "match at the same time" qualification, allowing easy boolean query for example, and (3) parameterizable regex "rule" functions, which even allow the parameters to be used in capture and/or statement (DoPattern) side-effects.

The net of all of this is that Java programmers can now more effectively compete in the realm of parsing, matching, and transformation with Perl programmers.

If this sounds interesting, take a look at ptilde wiki - Andy's regular expression engine