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    Default Excelsior JET 5.0

    Excelsior JET is a Java VM enhanced with an Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compiler and deployment toolkit. It is certified Java Compatible on Windows and Linux on Intel x86 hardware. Excelsior JET Optimizer transforms your classes and JARs into high-performance binary executables. Excelsior JET Runtime includes a licensed Sun implementation of the Java API and Excelsior's proprietary JVM, which is responsible for Java memory management, threading, synchronization, security, and JIT compilation of classest that could not be precompiled. The Excelsior JET Installation Toolkit makes it possible to prepare your optimized application for deployment to end-user systems.


    This version introduces Java Runtime Slim-Down, a new deployment model that may help you significantly reduce the download size of Java SE applications. With it, you may exclude certain components of the Java SE platform from the installation package. On-demand downloading of the omitted components at application run time ensures full compatibility with the Java specification. On the application performance front, SPEC JVM98 and Scimark2 composite scores have improved by a factor of 1.7 compared to Excelsior JET 4.x.

    URL: Excelsior JET - Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Native Code Compiler

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    Default Amazon Coupons

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