Scriba is a software prototyping environment for the Java platform. The current UI is based on the notebook concept from the Mathematica system and it supports scripting with any dynamic language endowed with a JSR 223 binding. Special support is implemented for BeanShell (with code completion!).

Scriba can be used as a shell to the Java platform using your favorite scripting language. Common uses are experimentation with a new library, prototyping of pretty much any type of functionality, debugging existing code, writing test scripts etc. Today, many scripting languages, old and new, have been implemented for Java. This proliferation of language implementations and the growing interest towards dynamically typed languages calls for a corresponding programming tool. Traditional programming environments fall in two broad categories: (1) scripting shells / interactive environments where a programmer types in expressions and gets back responses and (2) IDEs with the big machinery for managing large projects, and the classic compile-run-debug cycle. Scriba draws inspiration from the experience accumulated from both those categories and sits somewhere in between them.


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