The genesis project , an open-source framework that aims to bring simplicity and productivity to enterprise desktop development, has released version 3.0-RC2 . genesis makes Swing, SWT and Thinlet binding easy with a unique approach that is annotation-based, allows UI toolkit-independent programming with pure JavaBeans and simplifies several common use cases, such as enabling/disabling widgets, making them visible/hide them and populating tables, comboboxes and lists from a java.util.List instance or an array.


The following bugs have been fixed on this release:

  • Invoking a command method from another command method doesn't work properly in local desktop mode (Issue # 446).
  • A deployment error occurs when the application is packaged as a sar (Issue # 443).

The full change log between 3.0-RC1 and 3.0-RC2 can be found here.