Power*Matchmaker is an easy-to-use data cleansing and de-duping tool. The user interface puts a strong emphasis on straightforward visualization of your data and processes. It will help you cleanse your data, validate and correct addresses, and identify and remove duplicate records. Thus, you can provide your business users with complete and accurate data, and a single view of each customer, product, sales rep, and business unit.


This release adds a user preference for auto-login into a repository and new munge steps, including data type conversion steps (eg. Date-to-String) and a CSV writer step. it is now possible to specify a set of columns to use as the unique index, even if the table doesn't have a primary key. Of particular importance to new users following the example in the documentation, the example table can now be created properly in the built-in database. Matching, merging, and cleansing projects are now fully functional in the built-in repository as well.

URL: Power*MatchMaker