The dbmstools module exists mainly for developers who need to support applications on more than one database management system (DBMS). It's intended to allow all the database information (schema and base data) to be kept in one single place, and to have DBMS-specific scripts (for creating and populating the database schema, and upgrading from one version to the next) generated from that data. It can generate schema documentation for any DBMS (including diagrams), and can export data from a database in several formats. It also has wrappers for several tools so that they can be run from within Apache Ant. It supports PostgreSQL 7 and 8, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, and Hypersonic (limited support).


This version adds the ability to control the inclusion of any item in the schema, based on variables supplied at runtime. This allows you to generate schema variants based on any conditions you choose, which is particularly useful for things like including different indexes on your master and slave schemas for replication. There have also been a couple of other minor enhancements and bugfixes.

URL: dbmstools