Klaverjas Score is a program to keep track of the scores during a game of klaverjas (a Dutch card game). The program is meant to replace written score keeping, making accurate score listing much easier. It also keeps track of previous games. It is very suitable for small groups of people that play together regularly and that would like to have a record and comparison of their games.


A difference indicator between two teams has been added. An about dialog has been added. The short version of the names of the players are now made as long as will fit. klaverjas.bat is now executable under Linux. An equal score was counted as a win for team 1 and a loss for team 1 (neither gets a point now). When having more than 4 players in the database, statistics were incorrect. The use of the enter button after filling in a score field has been improved. Roem scores were not always properly aligned. Several other glitches have been fixed.

URL: SourceForge.net: Klaverjas Score