JPPF is a computational grid framework for Java focused on performance and ease of use. It provides a set of tools and APIs to enable the parallelization of CPU intensive applications, and distribute their execution over a network of heterogenous nodes. It features platform independence thanks to Java 1.5, does not require you to deploy your application classes to a server, scales up to millions of nodes, has a built-in fail-over mechanism on all the framework's components, and has a monitoring and administration GUI tool to enable remote monitoring of the server health and server shutdown/restart operations.


Tasks can now be canceled and restarted remotely, as well as configured to time out on a given date or after a given elapsed time. The Administration console was upgraded to handle the new task management features. A major leap in execution performance has been implemented. The JPPF JCA resource adapter now implements asynchronous tasks submission, removing any risk of J2EE transaction timeout. The JPPF Samples Pack brings a set of exciting applications of JPPF to real-life problems. A Mandelbrot fractals explorer and protein sequence alignment are included.

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