Apache Cayenne is a persistence framework that provides object-relational mapping (ORM) and remoting services. It has a wealth of unique and powerful features and can address a wide range of persistence needs. Cayenne seamlessly binds one or more database schemas directly to Java objects, managing atomic commit and rollbacks, SQL generation, joins, sequences, and more. With Cayenne's Remote Object Persistence, those Java objects can even be persisted out to clients via Web Services. With native XML serialization, objects can be even further persisted to non-Java clients.


This release contains many new features, such as full EJBQL syntax (delete, update, select, aggregate queries, subqueries, etc.), greatly improved lifecycle callbacks (no need to wrap the DataContext or enable callbacks explicitly), to-many relationships mapped as sets and maps (with Modeler support), a CayenneModeler search function, an adapter for SQLite, and much more.

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