RCP Toolbox is a collections of valuable custom widgets and composites for SWT, JFace, and RCP applications. Currently, this includes Coolbuttons, Duallist, CoolSlider, ScrollingLabel, PropagateComposite, and more. An Eclipse RCP plugin and sample RCP applications are also offered.


CoolGauge, a Gauge widget that allows a custom look, was added. PositionChangeListener has been added to CoolSlider to listen for updates to thumb position. CoolButton now supports custom "hot area" image masks. ImageSequencer, a widget that animates a sequence of images, can be used while a background task is running. GoogleMapComposite, a composite that contains a browser with an embedded googlemap page, was added. A CoolSlider resize problem was fixed.

URL: http://rcptoolbox.sourceforge.net/