Gallery Mage is a client side, Java photo gallery management system designed to work hand in hand with online gallery display scripts such as the PHP Simple Picture Gallery Manager.

Using Gallery Mage, one can select, caption, rotate, crop, resize and upload photos taken with a digital camera to an online photo gallery. The rotate, crop and resize parameters are stored as text data with the images, the operations are only performed on a copy of the photo while exporting, thus preserving the original picture files.

Gallery Mage provides abstraction from the online display software. As it is open source, and has a extensible plugin system, it is quite possible for users to change what online display software they use with minimal hassle.


  • A re-written 13 page user manual
  • Handy Upload after Export feature
  • Automatic update checking
  • various minor bugfixes

URL: Tank Software presents: Gallery Mage