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    Default How to make a background image

    Im making a gui and want to put a image in the background like a water mark so that i can make panels, labels etc over it. Its a simple frame and this is what i have so far..

    import java.awt.*;
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    public class MyfaceProfilePage extends JFrame
    private Toolkit kit = null;
    public MyfaceProfilePage ()
    super ("MyfaceProfilePage");
    setSize (860, 700);
    setResizable (false);
    setDefaultCloseOperation (JFrame.EXIT_ON_CLOSE);

    kit = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit ();
    Dimension screenSize = kit.getScreenSize ();
    setLocation (screenSize.width / 6, screenSize.height / 19);

    Container container = getContentPane ();
    container.setLayout (new FlowLayout ());

    show ();
    setVisible (true);

    public static void main (String[] args)
    new MyfaceProfilePage ();

    can anyone help me out with a code to make the background image

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    create a JPanel subclass and override paintComponent(Graphics g). use the drawImage method of the graphics instance to draw your image!
    see: Graphics (Java Platform SE 6)

    Panel with background image : Panel**Swing JFC**Java

    btw: show() is deprecated, use setVisible(true) instead of that

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