MyJgui is a GUI (graphical user interface) for MySQL. It aims to be easy to use for new users as well as experts. You can store multiple connections that can be used simultaneously. Stored passwords are encrypted using symmetric encryption. Underlying databases and tables are displayed in a tree structure with the connections being the first level nodes. MyJgui is capable of easy data manipulation through a grid. It has a unique feature of bookmarking parametrical queries (sqlmarks). The documentation (user guide) is quite comprehensive and kept up-to-date.


You can either select the text to be executed as a query, or simply run the line in which the cursor is present. Double clicking on a connection node opens the connection. New options in preferences were added, so you can set or change your default limit for the Content tab of a table, and you can set which tab will be shown after selecting the table in the tree. Inserting into or updating the Date and Timestamp columns was fixed. The quick search window resizes according to its contents automatically.

URL: MyJgui - Home