Visual Paradigm for UML is a powerful, easy-to-use UML modelling and CASE tool. It lets you draw all types of UML diagrams, reverse source code to UML models, generate source code from UML diagrams, and much more. It features the latest UML support (use case diagrams, class diagrams, component diagrams, etc.), incremental round-trip engineering, instant reverse for Java, C++, Dot NET exe/dll, XML, XML Schema, and CORBA IDL, Rational Rose support, Microsoft Visio integration, and report and HTML/PDF documentation generators.


Improvements were made to modeling, interoperability, database modeling, code engineering, and team collaboration. This release supports bookmarking diagrams and shapes, batch processing through running command-line operations, modeling with stored procedure and database triggers, navigating to a source file after Instant Reverse, and much more. Other useful features include enhancements of the sequence diagram, jumping to a diagram via the Jump To dialog box, and importing Telelogic Rhapsody projects.

URL: Cost-Effective UML Solution - Visual Paradigm for UML Modeler Edition