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    Default Java Programmer Interview

    Hi. Im a java student and for all java programmers i would like to have some short interview regarding java. It is a project that my java professor gave us.

    here are some question :

    1. Name of the person, age and how long has he or she been working in the company.
    2. What company of he is affiliated with.
    3. What project is he or she creating or have created pertaining to java program.
    4. Difference of java from any other program language.
    5. Other software that you can develop in java or using java.
    6. What can say about open source. Advantage of open source and disadvantage as well
    7. Can you create an application in java for the benefit of mobile technology what would be the advantage of this.
    8. Are there available webhost for java or webhost that cater java. How much?
    9. How does java help in today’s modern world based on your experience?
    10. Aside from computer and other mobile gadgets in what other field is javascripts can be found?

    please kindly reply your answers.
    thank you ^^
    im sorry if my grammar are a bit not understandable im not good at english ^^

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    Sorry I really don't understand some of the questions (a few of them because of you English), hopefully someone use can help you.
    However Javascript (and other ECMAScript implementions) has nothing to do with Java, if you mean Java program, you must not refer to it as javascript (or even java script).

    I should be note that I have major problem understanding text if it is not well formated, so if you could try to make the questions easier, I might be able to help.

    Edit 2:
    Just noted this thread is very old so I will not monitor this thread, if you still haven't got your interview send a PM, otherwise you should have this thread closed.
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