Scriptella is an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) and script execution tool. Its primary focus is simplicity. It doesn't require the user to learn another complex XML-based language to use it, but allows the use of SQL or another scripting language suitable for the data source to perform required transformations.


This release added auto-discovery for JDBC drivers, support for JSR 223 (scripting for the Java platform), and a new ?{textfile 'filename/url' } syntax extension for uploading CLOBs from text files. A database migration template was added. An issue with the LDAP driver when using search.scope and search.basedn parameters was fixed. Dialect name matching was simplified. Support for bind variables/expressions in an HREF attribute of an include element was added. A skip_lines connection parameter was added for the CSV and Text drivers.

URL: Welcome to Scriptella ETL Project