jPersist is an extremely powerful object-relational database persistence API that manages to avoid the need for configuration and annotation; mapping is automatic. It uses JDBC, and can work with any relational database and any type of connection resource. It uses information obtained from the database to handle mapping between the database and Java objects, so mapping configuration is not needed, and annotation is not needed. In fact, there is no configuration needed at all.


A lot of testing has taken place and all supported platforms have been tested. Some simple find bug and PMD fixes were made. Numerous changes were made, including moving MySQL generated key processing to the other "get last key" mode. DatabaseManager.loadObject() was renamed to DatabaseManager.queryAndLoadObject(). Handling was added for setting null values in the database when the getXXX method returns null. Support for prefix/suffix stripping was added. A small but major error with not cloning the database handler during updates was fixed.

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