Jasypt (Java Simplified Encryption) is a library aimed at providing developers a simple way to add encryption capabilities to their projects including: password digesting, text/binary encryption, Hibernate transparent encryption and Spring Security (ACEGI) integration.


  • A new open provider API which allows the use of non-default JCE providers like Bouncy Castle . With this, any PBE or digest algorithm you can get from any JCE provider is available for you to use with Jasypt.
  • A new web PBE configuration system for avoiding storing encryption passwords in files in web applications , and instead asking the authorised admin for these passwords through a web form each time the application is deployed.
  • Ability to output Strings encoded in hexadecimal besides BASE64.
  • Other minor new features like Unicode text normalization applied to password matching.
  • New and updated documentation and new article: How to encrypt user passwords.

URL: Jasypt: Java simplified encryption - Main