Hiitch is a desktop software that notifies you of people that interest you. It is also a social networking software that provides you with an array of features that securely connect you from your desktop to the community.

Unlike conventional browser based social networking applications, Hiitch connects you directly to other users on their desktop.

Hiitch helps you to meet other online users by matching their profiles with what you have set out to look for. If a match is found, Hiitch will send an alert to notify you. Aside from profile matching, Hiitch will also alert you of other events like appointments, items received and offline messages.

You are not required to spent time and effort to monitor for the information you desire. Hiitch will automatically deliver all the critical information that you have indicated to be notified right onto your desktop.
Hiitch is more...

The most exciting features of Hiitch is that of community involvement and interaction. Hiitch provides you with live board to reach out to our community by making posting for discussion, help, meet up and just about anything you wish to express. You can even choose to broadcast your posting to your existing contacts.

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