SpectrumSCM is the first platform-independent, truly integrated enterprise-level Source Configuration and Management solution, which includes version control, process management, release management, advanced branching, issue tracking and much more, all integrated into one tool. In addition, it allows users to construct automated workflow engines and interfaces to external systems through the SpectrumSCM API. The tool also incorporates advanced security features through the Java Security Model, SSL, and LDAP. The client software can be run as an application or accessed over the Web as an applet or through Java Web Start. It also includes a full-featured commandline interface, strong IDE integrations, and a SpectrumSCM Proxy for remote users.


Unicode support, internationalization, and handling of multi-lingual character sets within source files were improved. CR descriptions were extended to support bold, underline, colors, and lists. "Directory Rename" capability was added. The Microsoft Office plugin was updated to support Office 2003 and Office 2007. User Management functions were extended. CR creation assignment was added to the full workflow functionality. The permissions model and release management dependency highlighting were improved. "Delete" functionality was extended to cross multiple generics/branches.

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