The McNucle server software turns a Macintosh into a remotely accessible metadata based file server. The Nucle Browser can then be used from any Internet-enabled computer running Mac OS or Windows to access files and folders on a computer running a McNucle server. You can search and organize all filetypes and media based on metadata, upload and download files, and exercise fine-grained control over sharing.


You may now search for files based on metadata; you set filters by clicking values. The mechanism provides the user with the actual set of values each of the filters can have with the current set of results. The Nucle Browser starts five times faster. The port of the McNucle server is now configurable. Installation is done completely over port 80 in order to avoid problems with strict firewall settings. Both the Nucle Browser and McNucle server can now upgrade themselves without losing the current configuration and settings.

URL: iNuron | Bytes in your life !