jNetPcap is a Java wrapper around the Libpcap network packet capture library. The low-level API is exposed in Java, which allows kernel buffer tuning, flags, and other features. All captured packet buffers are wrapped, not copied, in efficient java.nio.ByteBuffer and delivered to Java by reference. This allows not-in-memory copies of packet data and very efficient and fast delivery of packets. The software is released for various platforms with the appropriate native library bundled.


This release now provides peering classes and methods for all of libpcap and winpcap functions and structures. Advanced features such as kernel level "capture and dump to file" are possible. Low level packet transmissions in modes such as one at a time or bulk sendqueues are supported. Kernel level statistic gathering for network traffic and sampling modes are all supported now.

URL: SourceForge.net: jNetPcap - Lib/WinPcap Java Wrapper