The Big Faceless Graph Library is a Java class library for creating graphs and charts. It is backed by a full 3D engine, allowing you to create shaded 3D pie, bar, and line graphs as GIF, PDF, PNG, or other image formats. Its features include transparent backgrounds, extensible axes to graph dates, currencies, custom fonts, and spline curve fitting. It is small, fast, and easy to use.


Display order of markers on a non-3D graph is now deterministic. Markers, images, and labels on bar series appear in the correct place if the order of the bars is changed between series or if the series is part of a stack barseries. A label tag can be made into a hyperlink, and now accepts attributes such as href and onmouseover. It's possible to cause the GraphServlet to reject requests based on HTTP headers, via the "headercheck.N" init-parameters.

URL: Create Graphs and Charts - Java Graph Library by BFO