VRaptor 2 is a Web-based MVC and IOC framework based on many frameworks and ideas (Seam, Stripes, Webwork, Hibernate Annotations, etc). It makes full use of Java 5 Annotations. It favors convention over configuration, because configuration in XML/properties/annotations is always easy to make mistakes and repetitive (aka copy and paste in many places). This framework uses a more imperative approach, instead of having many XML files to configure lifecycle and other properties. Most of the settings go inside plain Java objects (POJO), so the team knows exactly what is going on and where.


This release comes with many improvements including a new Maven plugin that automatically generates the vraptor.xml file. Projects based on Maven 2 can now use mvn jetty:run. Objects in the new ScopeType.FLASH will exist until the next request.

URL: vraptor2 -