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    Default Custom SWT-TreeList widget

    The PFGrid is an SWT-Grid-widget which allows TreeList and List-mode. It is highly customizable and performant. The rendering is done by renderers which can be implemented by the developer, default renderers are XPTreeListRenderer and VistaTreeListRenderer which can be used out of the box.

    The grid can be used as standalone library or as eclipse-plugin, JFace is supported also. Other features are:

    - Custom and predefined cell-editors: Each widget can be used as cell-editor.
    - Moving columns with the mouse
    - Resizing cells and rows with the mouse
    - Sorting by column
    - Outlook-like grouping of columns by dragging the column to the groupbox above the grid
    - Persisting the layout: The user-defined layout can be persisted as IDialogSettings
    - Excel-like cell-copy operations
    - Implementing own TreeListCells and derive from existing ones.
    - Row and Cell-selection
    - Multiline text in cells
    - Events and lazyloading in Tree-mode
    - and many more...

    If your are missing a feature or need other widgets, feel free to contact us!

    Visit us as
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    Default Re: Custom SWT-TreeList widget


    Thanks for the information.
    I gave a try.
    Could you please provide an example how to feed the model data dynamicaly in the TreeListRow adn TreeListCell.

    Thank you
    premier la

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