PRES (the Press Release System) is a simple content management system, essentially targeted at producing a news and information site. Managing a PRES system is designed to be simple, but presentation is sophisticated and flexible. An elementary knowledge of IT would be useful, but expertise in designing and managing Web sites is not a requirement. PRES can be used for anything from private "blogging" to corporate news systems. It is a Java WebApp and works with Tomcat.


This version builds strongly on ideas of locating content in time and space, integrating with Google Maps and Simile Timeline. In addition, there's new media integration, with integration of uploadable Quicktime videos and of remotely hosted Google videos. The templating system is greatly tidied up and modularized, making for easy reskinning either by editing the supplied templates or by uploading new ones. There are, in addition, a welter of minor improvements.

URL: PRES: The Press Release System